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Welcome to my own little personal corner of the internet. I hope you enjoy your stay here.


April 19, 2021 -- It's a trend. Been a long time again. But since the RPGamer Message Board is going down, I updated the links. Also there's a hidden page where I'm keeping a list of pic hosters, I didn't want to lose that and I wanted to be sure that survived and I made it easier to update. I proly will ask around and see if there's a way to use CSS to add text to the buttons so I don't have to edit a button every time I want to add something. That is all.

May 25, 2016 -- Man, been a long time since there's any updates, right? Well, first thing; the encoder/decoder is down, blaaaah. I'll have to find a alternate since it's hard to keep any free stuff up for very long anymore. Oh and I finally finished Fat Lady; tho that is giving me quite the headache htmling it. I got it halfway up right now, I'll finish the htmling soon as I can.

April 20, 2013 -- *hisses* I found out a friend of mine had mistook my age since I hadn't updated it in like 3-4 years. That is unacceptable. Thanks to Mr. Briggs and some time on Codecademy and W3 Schools, I got it fixed for good. A Javascript basically is calculating my age now on the page; I will never have to update that number again, tho I will be updating the page from time to time. :)

December 6, 2012 -- *double sigh* Heilohost may offer a lot but they're also pretty bad. Moved again, this time for good, to a server that at least is up most of the time. https://x10hosting.com/ that is. I hate this nonsense but when you need specific things, like cgi, that kinda does not help you when you're looking for a free place to park a page.

December 3, 2012 -- *sigh* Brother Briggs is taking his page down b/c he's closing his side business. So I had to move my pages. Thank heaven for Heliohost though; I'm glad I found it and got my page moved. You'll notice the mail form has changed a wee bit; I had to change it and use a new script to handle it since they hate my vb based forms. It's a php script now.

August 22, 2012 -- GRR, I say GRR, but it's worth it. I think you noticed the change in the menu on the left. BUTTONS. I still want to punt the GIMP, however. That was much more trouble than it was worth..Something is coming in a few weeks; you'll see it soon. :3

July 16, 2012 -- Haven't done much with this..But anyway..I felt it was time to change. There's going to be more added later, but for now it's just time to change the color scheme; I was getting tired of that yellow and it was a bit too loud for my taste, anyway. Also the menu has been shortened by moving the rest of the credits to a new page. Also color scheme changed so it's a little less mm. loud. Oh and the splash has been removed; Browsers have caught up and CSS is pretty standard, so I see no reason to have the splash anymore. I may tweak it more later.

Jan. 23, 2011 -- I've really been lazy. Anyway, some minor fixes done (I don't luv me no loud, nasty anti-SOPA backgrounds on my guestbooks, tho I hates dat SOPA/PIPA) and..a new page to help the precure comm in this filelocker panic-quake has been created for IRC help so people can still get our fix. (BTW, I'm pretty anti-piracy for the most part esp with software. But i predict that any piracy will prolly go back to torrent, IRC and FTP)

Apri1 1, 2010 -- Man, you lazy girl. Anyway, if you didn't notice, my site's been down for about a month. It wasn't my fault. It was a mess that had to do with a expired domain name and some really crappy tech support. And I mean ultra super crappy. Mr. Briggs, the guy who's been hosting my site, is very sorry for the long downtime. If you want to see the gory details, check here. I'll be getting a new fic up as soon as I can.

November 3, 2008 -- Content update. I've been writing some FFXI fics, but only my main social has been seeing them. I just realized it's no good if they're hidden, so I'm unhiding them and bringing them here. Expect anywhere from 2-3 at a time depending since it's tedious work htmling those texts. Should have them all up in a week or two, then I need to get my rear in gear and finish the two that have been hanging for so darn long.

June 27, 2008--Yet another big one. You prolly won't notice much, but there's been a change to the menus that will make it easier on me, I fixed a page, and a few other little things. Also the one you will notice; the mailform now has a capatcha since spambots have been driving me nuts with it, not to mention it is in a different format than the rest of the page. As in the beginning, it was meant as a antispam feature not to mention as a courtesy to those that have web based emails with no way to use email links other than copy the email, getting spambots sending me gibberish emails was counterproductive and making me mad.

January 30, 2008--Major major update. I've ignored this for a long time; and I came back to realize, what a mess! So I've updated this site with a new, sweet looking CSS template that I created from a template I found online. Took me all day to get it to work, but worth the pain where I sit down. Enjoy; this should be lots easier to navigate too.