Places To Host Pics to post on Message Boards

Imgur -- Free, you prolly will have to sign up to manage your pics. To hotlink from there, you will have to make it public. Also no copywrited material, child porn or that kinda stuff allowed. BUT!! They decide what might be infringing so that might be trouble.

Flickr -- Free, need to make a account here to use it. No file limits that I can see. BUT!! No copyrighted material allowed, and they do takedowns. You need a Yahoo ID to make a account here, which you may not have and may not want to make one. Also finding the embed link is not that obvious. Here's some directions on how to go about finding that. Do not use them for picture selling. -- Seems pretty easy to use and fairly reliable. BUT!! No offensive or pornographic images allowed. Also, if you do NOT get your own account... your images could be overwritten at any time. -- Simple to use. BUT!! You just upload, you do not get your own account. Do not use them for websites. Also, they can remove images for any reason.

Google Drive -- Pretty easy to upload and stuff; it's like Dropbox. You can store and link anything here. They can handle bigger files than most, tho you wouldn't want a huge file in your sig or anything. BUT!! It is a PAIIIN to get the link so you can use it embedded, and not a website link. You will need to follow these instructions to get the embed code so you can use it as a sig or something, which isn't obvious. May not be good for forums like this for that reason.

DeviantArt's -- You need a DeviantArt account to get access to this.No file size limits that I can see. You can make directories to help organize your pics, and link to said directories..or the whole account..really easily so others can browse. BUT!! To get a embed link, you actually have to publish whatever to DeviantArt. I think this is better for those that create their own fanart/sig pics/avatars for that reason.

Imgbox -- Looks pretty good. You may want to register. BUT!!! The host reserves the right to remove anyone for any reason. Limit of 10 MB per file.

Postimage -- Decent, you will have to register to organize your files. BUT!! No infringing or copywrited material allowed. If you do violate their TOS, the offending images will be removed without warning.

ImageTitan -- Looks pretty easy to use. You can actually use FTP if you have a lot of Files. BUT!!! No infringing or copyrighted material allowed, as well as no NSFW images. Also they have a pretty harsh file size limit (1.5 MB) which might not be to your liking, since pics get pretty big.

ImgBB -- Pretty easy to use. If you want to organize your files, you will have to register, but you can just upload. BUT!!! No infringing or copyrighted material allowed, as well as no NSFW images. They don't also want you to upload anything that could be illegal; if you do you could be banned. Do not use them for websites.

ImageBam -- This site has been around for a good while. You need to register to organize your images, but you don't need to if you just need a quick link. BUT!!! No illegal/infringing/copyrighted material allowed, as well as nothing that could be illegal. They have a zero tolerance policy for such things.

ImageVenue -- Looks pretty easy to use. You can either make a account or just upload if you don't want to. Can actually be used for selling things with pictures. BUT!! You will need to make a account to organize and delete your files. No copywrited or child porn or illegal stuff allowed.

Last updated: April 20, 2021

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