Beginnings, Part 1

*mew* Well, there's not too much to it, but since you wanted to know, here we go: *offers some Pumpkin Pie and Selebina Milk*

Me and Shadowneko (that's why I won't call him a "smelly hume" unless I'm either funning or I'm upset with him) grew up as brother and sister. My mom said she had gone out for groceries when I was just toddling (and she had a aunt watching me). She happened upon a dying hume lady, who asked my momma to take care of her baby son..The lady died after that.

Momma never found out what that hume lady named that boy, so she did. "Shadowneko". Since he was hume, she taught him the lore and ways of the great lady warriors of the Mithra instead of what the rare boys among Mithra are usually taught to do. Some may of disapproved of that, but he's a hume, not a male Mithra!(Well, if you really want to know: male Mithra usually stay home. It's usually the reverse of how most races do family; You'd prolly say the father raises the kids, but my poor Dad died soon after I was born, Mom said)... I guess that's why he got intrested when he grew up in the way of the thief. I turned out to have a few too many taru friends (Including Nimbex, btw. I was in his magic class!) and liked helping people, so I went toward the way of the white mage instead.

There you have it :) *meow*

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