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Here we go -- more will be added as I write them!

Passing The Torch ~~ Ever noticed while you're playing FF9 that Zidane says in the Lindbulm Weapons Shop that "I once knew a spiky-headed guy..." Could that of been Cloud Strife? I say, YES IT WAS! (FF7/FF9 Crossover) Completed!

Flowers for a Flower Girl ~~ Short but sweet tale of a Aeris reserrection -- with a twist. [FF7 and possibly a FF7/Tactics Crossover) Completed!

It Ain't Over Until The Fat Lady Sings ~~ What happened to Zidane at the Iifa Tree? Maybe it wasn't what you thought! In Progress

Roundabout and Turnabout ~~ Prequel to Legend of Zelda, this is the story of Link's PARENTS! In Progress

FFXI Fanfics:

Beginnings, Part 1 -- First part of my chara's orgin story. Completed!

Beginnings, Part 2 -- Second part of my chara's origin story. Completed!

Meetings -- Bit more of the backstory; how me and my brother 'Neko, and Linmayu met. Completed!

Of Brothers And Pouncings...--Cydori liked this one, as well as Karlinn thought it was cute. Let's just say it's a story of a grandma, a talk, and a little..erm, pouncing combined with a treehouse. Completed!

Broken Wings..And A Heart's Cry -- Fic that answers the question, "What did I have behind me back?" after Karlinn's first loss to Maat. (He won after the third try btw.)Completed!

Adventures in the Empire -- Story based on some events in the game that involved helping Karlinn get his first staging point. Cydori wondered why IC wise I wanted to yell at her; blame a video..Completed!

Looking Back... -- Serious story about some musings..in a smelly orc hole while farming mushrooms. Completed!

Born Twice-- This was the first one that actually got noticed in my CTY journal. Let's just say this starts with a little..erm, getting knocked in the moat...Complated!

Was I Really Dreaming?? -- First 'nekofic. What happens when someone else that isn't you controls your chara? Maybe that chara ends up dreaming? Completed!

Of Changes, Endings, Beginnings, and Broken Things -- This was written about the recent merger between Quetzalcoatl and Midgardsormr (Midgard was merged into Quetz, and Midgard has ceased to exist.) mainly to get my feelings out. Yes I tear up my room in RL when things fall to bits, and woe betide whoever gets in my way then. (Last time it happened was when I washed out of a nursing program at Middle Georgia College.) Also frank admission; I used a quote from a pretty darned blatently Mormon/Christian song at the beginning that inspired this one partly. (Yes I'm a card-carrying Mormon; you'd prolly know that if you read my page more. No, I don't want to debate religion online, that only makes everyone look stupid.) You can find that song on Youtube if you look, I'm not linking it here. Completed!

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