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I started this becouse of nasty entries in my guestbook.(Don't worry, I deleted the bad ones and started banning when I was using Dreambook; Now I got Guestgear, which has some more features I like) So here we go.

  1. Why do you keep saying you believe in Jesus Christ? I don't... You are entitled to your own opinion, K? Just respect mine! Is that too much to ask? *makes puppy dog eyes at you*
  2. What was it with deleting that guy's entry and banning him? Why?

    Numero uno: he was cussing and complaining. Numero dos: he was downright insulting. I'll take constructive critisim, but not that kind of downright smear attack/attack on my beliefs. That was NOT constructive critisim. I WON'T take cussing or people insulting me. That guestbook IS NOT a place to vent at me. If you want to vent at me, e-mail me instead.

  3. Then what isn't permissible in the guestbook?

    Easy. Cussing, lewd language, threats, calling me names, that kind of thing are not allowed as public entries and are subject to censoring or deletion (Guestgear allows me to edit entries, so I will censor if I feel it's warrented), and if I REALLY hate that entry or you KEEP doing it, you will get a IP ban slapped on you and I might decide to get even by embarrasing the crap out of you here if you asked or implied a valid question.I never understand why people post that kind of trash in public, where a ten year old kid might see it! So if you're thinking about doing that, don't. Think about who might see it..there are kids on the 'net, you know. I understand the occasional d**n or s**t, but please, if you're gonna critizise me in the guestbook, please do it civily and politely and keep it PG(think Star Wars or Star Trek movies-whatever won't be heard in those movies, I won't allow it to stay very long in the guestbook--and I don't mean PG-13, OK?) pleeease! As I said before, there ARE kids reading. Besides, I WILL know if you post a nasty entry almost instantly. I have the Dreambook set up to e-mail me instantly after someone makes an entry (with the FULL entry text) so I WILL know without checking the guestbook.

  4. What's the future of this page?

    You can see the beginning of step #1: I changed the name of this page and moved it here to a free web page server, and put the graphics found in the guestbooks on a hoster (the one that hosts my avvy and sig pic, as a matter of fact). The rest? I'll try to write some more fics and guides for the games I play. It is a personal site, after all.

  5. Why did you do the page like this? Well, I'd like to think it reflects my personality more than anything. I did do a major page redesign using stylesheets and CSS recently if you didn't notice :-) Faked some frames. What's to be upset about?

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