FFXI guides!

Here's a few FFXI guides that me and my brother have been working on. One I cannot take credit for since I only took over after the original author disappeared from the 'net. I finally got Neko's FFXI Newbie Guide back; it took some serious whopping with a foam sword to get him to update it. (something no other newbie guide has been done to since 2004!!!).

The FFXI Spell List (Excel Format) -- Orginally written by Ririkai, updated by Elizara AKA. Mary Alice Davies with BLU spells up to 30, and spell shop info from both CoP and ToAU. Also, Banish 3 FINALLY added :3

Shadowneko's FFXI Newbie Guide --It's back! Version 4.0
HTML version|Text Version|MS Word Version

Security Guide for XI/XIV -- This is the only guide where I'll mention XIV (Decent game from what I've seen) but what works for one, will work for the other. ^^