IRC Download Tutorial for Precure

It's a mess out there right now. The biggest players in the cyberlocker business are running scared because megaupload was shut down. I know at least one torrent site that shut down too because of this and some drama llama, not to mention the owner dying(was a sailor moon site)...

This means no direct downloads for the forseeable future until the panic dies down. For anyone..Mega may of gone the way of Napster and this may be another Napster case, sad to say. But we're not fully in the cold if you can't or don't like using torrents. We still got IRC!

It's pretty fast most cases and at least in my area (when I was in the State University of West Georgia's dorms) it isn't blocked. (Actually running a fileserver was blocked at my college but downloading/leeching stuff was not.) If AT&T/Bellsouth is not going bonkers, speeds are comparable from the bot to Megaupload. Also remember, before you dive in, there are some rules to the channel, including (This should be no surpise) don't you be feeding no trolls. All channels that serve anime have rules like that; make sure you read them. (They are usualy accessed by typing !rules in most channels. When you join a channel, look for it so you know for sure!)

First off, you need a IRC program or client. (There's Mibbit if you don't wanna install anything but that's only limited basically to chatting b/c you can only d/l files up to 2 MB. that sucks!)

mIRC(Shareware. Used to be you could use forever without paying for it but for most recent versions, it STOPS working after a while and you must pay to keep it. If you like it I suggest you do.)

I am not familar with either Mac or Linux IRC programs, sorry...I'm not even familar with those operating systems, but you can find a mac irc program that will work here or here(second one costs some money though) and some good free Linux IRC programs here.

As for settings, this is what you need to change. If you'd rather see pics of what this is, read Ronin's IRC download guide(highly recommended). (And yes you do; if you don't mess with the settings, you'll get all attempted d/ls blocked, which isn't any good.) I'm more familiar with mIRC, sorry. ^^ (Disclaimer about that guide; it's OLD. the anime database site he links is basically DEAD. But his directions are still top notch. As well as still current after all this time. He is a little salty though.)

To connect, open mIRC, close the window that pops up, then type /server (exchange with whatever server it is if needed for whatever room you're looking for). Then type /join #precure.(Again, if you're not looking for precure, substitute the channel name for #precure) That should connect you. (If that wasn't thorough enough, This should be some help to you.)

Ok, in the channel? Set up to take downloads? Then you're ready. The bot is [Precure]AllStars. So to get the list of what's on the bot, type /msg [Precure]AllStars XDCC LIST. It'll give a error but also cough up a link to a text file. Click on it; it'll open in your browser, showing a numbered list.(That's optional btw, Here's the list. I just do it every time out of oldster habit) The numbers are called a pack number, that tells the bot which file is which.

To get what you want, just type /msg [Precure]AllStars XDCC get #XXX where XXX is the pack number of which file you want. It'll start downloading. Be patient and it'll come to you.

If you STILL don't get it and I'm clear as mud, here's a vid Force Gaia did that should make it easy to understand:

I hope that helps some folks who are stranded b/c Megaupload is gone. Just so you know; if it's precure and it's a episode and it's subbed, it's on that bot in some form or other!

Oh and don't be scared off when you find people in the chat talking about something else. There's more to life than precure, and people talk about what's going on/other anime too in there.

Oh and if you're going, "Eaargh! I want to d/l another anime series that is fansubbed!" go to Animesuki or AnimeDB to find out where their chat room is.

If you'd like to contact me with any questions, use the mail form. Sorry about the CAPTCHA, I've had some spammer issues. Don't worry I don't bite. ^_^

Feel free to spread the link to this page to anyone who is having trouble with downloading on IRC or is a newbie at it. And remember; there's nothing wrong with being a newbie at anything!