Favorite Links...

The Free Site! The Free Site = This is where I found the pages where I got many of the backgrounds, the JavaScripts, non-LDS music, and some of the graphics for this page(not to mention the web search submitter service I used)...Tons of FREE stuff for webmasters and free stuff for the rest of us!!

RPGamer --Good gaming page, I hang out on the boards here a lot. Lots of stuff about RPG's, got lots of files, and their news is always dead on.

Kingdom Hearts Insider -- This is the FIRST place I'd stop at for Kingdom Hearts news and reliable rumors on the series, as well as all things Kingdom Hearts. They tend to be *faster* than other sites on that stuff.

Ferdi -- The times, they do change. If you have more than one messaging service these days, here's the way to consolodate most of them. ^^

http://www.kongming.net/ -- Kongming's Archives. Has a lot of Three Kingdoms avatars as well as some for Chrono Cross, FF2(American, also known as FF4), FF3(American, also known as FF6) and Suikoden avvies. Very nice site.

Video Game Sprites.net -- Videogamesprites.net Well designed. One of my fav sites right now, now that the RPG Galleria is gone.

VGcats -- Fun web comic. They do have avatars, but I'm listing them here because they are a webcomic, really. They post comics from all sorts of games and they're usually funny!

Pretty Cure Splash Subs -- I do support these guys. Sub group that finally finished subbing Yes! Pretty Cure 5.. *cheers them on!* Go! Go! Way to go for busting the PC5 curse!

Pretty Cure LJ Comm -- You'll see announcements for new fansubs here from Curecom. And quite a few other groups. :)

CureCom -- Curecom's actual website. They should finish Fresh Pretty Cure soon.

Aesir SubsAesir Subs -- Mostly toku now but they do sub precure sometimes. Haven't completely finished a precure series yet. (Have finished toku series's though.) Done most of Heartcatch, some of PC5 (two eps that have never been subbed) and are starting on Smile. What they have done though is top notch.

Doremi Fansubs -- They subbed all of Heartcatch and Suite. Did a good job too..Thanks guys.

Over-Time Fansubs -- They subbed some Pretty Cure and are my fav fansubber for toku, like Kamen Rider and sentai. Thanks guys. ^^

Elizara's LightHouse -- This was the site that started a minor argument. Still here for historical/sentimental purposes; you can see how far I've come with web page design I guess :)

Filezilla -- My new workhorse for FTP. Prolly the last really good free program out there for FTP'ing. (All of the others have gone pay, but this is open source, so it prolly never will be pay.)

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