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teddies!!Hi! My name is Mary-Alice Davies. I'm years old and hoping to get my nurse's assistant license back, since things did not work out. You may of seen me on Esper.net as Elizara. I graduated from West GA quite a while ago, and just couldn't find a job..even after I got my CNA certs, I had trouble with that. Let's hope if I get a second chance, second time will be the charm... I've got a big family, two sisters and three brothers. Click here to find out about them. I do wear a bike helmet a lot when I am riding my bike, but the reason I don't take it off very much--that I just undo the strap--is that I lose things like my helmet all the time! If I put it down, I know I'm gonna lose it! That's expensive sometimes... I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I know the Church is true. I am a teddy bear lover (I own THREE teddy bears, a old Pound Pur-ry kitten, and a black stuffed scotty dog--the dog sure has a story behind it..). I like reading Anne McCaffrey books(that's where my favorite handle (Elizara)came from), read Xanth novels, like listening to Janice Kapp Perry, like to read science fiction and fantasy, and I'm also into RPG's and anime. I just happen to be the "shorty" in my family(Everybody else is taller than me.WAAA!). I also have a testimony of the truthfullness of the Church. Click here to read it!!

I'm Proud to be LDS

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