Poems I wrote...

You didn't know I was a poet did you?? Well, not many of my works have been published...and then only in school papers. Plus, I only write poems when I get in the mood. So, here they are..out for everyone to see..at last!!
Cat|Wish I hadn't |Thanks Mom! Yes I Can!| Why Me?|Path To Eternity| Time Slipped Away...| Temple On The Wall|Dreams| Different Values


Whiskers in the light
Staring out the window
Turned to look at me.

Wish I hadn't

Wish I hadn't said that
Why? Mama's being Oscar
But now
I have
something to

Thanks Mom! Yes I can!

I was once at the bottom of a great mountain
that was rough and rocky and looked hard to climb
That I knew that I'd have to scale it
But I thought I couldn't make it

Thank goodness for Mom
Who wouldn't give up on me.
She followed my steps
And when I fell, she took me on her knee and said,

"Oh, Mary-Alice, I know you can do this.
Never give up honey, keep trying. Yes you can,
my little bird. Yes you can!!"

All this while she was stroking my head.

Thanks, Mama, for being there when I needed you.
I know I have yet another rocky, rough mountain to climb.
This time, I know I can do it
For I do not doubt that you knew the truth
That yes I can overcome any challenge.
I've done it before. Yes I can!!
In honor of Nadine C. Davies, my mother

[Cat] [Wish I hadn't] [Thanks Mom! Yes I Can!] [Why Me?] [Path To Eternity] [Time Slipped Away...] [Temple On The Wall] [Dreams] [Different Values]

(This next one I wrote when I was stuck at a mall one day..on the back of a napkin, if I remember correctly!)
Why me?

Why me?
Stuck and alone
And I need to get
Where the roses
Where Mama awaits.
Where the door
Is always open.
Home --
And the van
Had to break
And strand us
Now Jonny's flown
To get some dough
And I'm all alone
Cryin' and sad
And starved
For food & love.

Path to eternity

To the farthest shore
To the farthest glen
I see
Yet I see more --
A path to eternity
A little - used path
For most
But this is the path
I take
Why do not more
Take this one?

(This one I wrote
when I missed a deadline to turn in an application for a nursing program!)
Time Slipped Away--and no one warned me!

Why did no one
warn me?
Why did it
Slip by me
Like a ghost
and get away?
I didn't know
And ignorance
Is no bliss.
If I had known
It would have
Been done.
If I could go back
In time's march
I'd turn it in.
I know now when.
Let me try again

(This one I wrote while I was looking at a temple picture in the foyer of Mesquite Ward--I hadn't been to the temple in a long time)
Temple On The Wall

Temple, temple on the wall
With your spires
Pointing toward the sky
While shining with
Heavenly glory
May I come in?
Blessings there abound
I'm told.
A place to receive answers
To questions from the Lord
May I come in?


Dreams like to
Run away and hide
Like Maisy
Used to
When I was there.

It isn't easy
to coax yours
To your side
But it's worth it
By and by

Reach for your dreams
Wherever you are
It won't be easy
It never is easy
But the result
Is like a spider web
On a foggy day
Note:Maisy was a cat my grandmother owned who used to run away from me.

This one came from a BAD roommate situation...I was having trouble with a certain roommate and her guy friend...well...they were playing nasty pranks like that gross bit with my water bottle(PLEASE don't ask. I'll just say it was really, really gross and embarrising, as well as DISGUSTING..) and generally just trying to--at least that's the way I saw it--to shove their ideas about sex before marrige(I think you shouldn't do that...they were for it) up my nose. This is how I felt about the whole mess...

Different Values

If you meet
Someone with different values;
Don't try to change them
Don't slam yours over
Their noggin
It doesn't work 'cause
Maybe they like them
Maybe they're LDS
And have a testimony
Maybe they're happy
And don't want their boat rocked.
The reason doesn't matter.
Let 'em be
'Cause you could lose
A roommate, a friend
And could end up
All alone.
For if they're right
You could be wrong
'cause you haven't been there
You haven't seen their side.
Let that person be
But don't let go of yours;
That's worse!!

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