My Poems, page 2

This one came to me when my mother was screaming about something(Don't ask what it was...that's none of your business). I got upset about the here we are!

Whining and Problems

Does whining help with a problem?
Does screaming about it help?
Does throwing things help?
Doing something..
That helps.
But you can't always
Figure out what to do
Or have something to do about it.
Then just take it one step
At a time
Don't give up
Just continue to climb
Take things one step at a time
Make a plan
And do it
One step at a time.
For who knows
What's in the future?
One has to smile and
Keep the sun shining
Or you're gonna
Have a rainy day.
If you have a rainy day
You only see the rain
Not what is the flip side
Of the coin.
Miracles do happen
And many have happened
To us
So why see the dull side
When there is a shiny side?
Maybe things won't be so bad after all
You just have to wait and see
For tomorrow is a fresh new day!

More will be added as soon as I can locate the poems(and in some cases, get the darn computer disk files to work)

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