Beginnings, Part 2

*meeeeow!* What, now you wanna know why Shadowneko ran off to Bastok when it's so much nicer in Windy? *looks around nervously*

Ok, no one here but you and me. Mind, I usually don't talk about this since this business, but.. *offers a plate of cinna-cookies and some Selebina Milk*

I think it began and ended with Grandmary Devva. She's put it nicely, she's a knot in our tails. She has some of my relatives she will insult for no good reason that I can see. She's also..really parinoid and I think she's quite a bit crazy. One minute she'll be as nice and sweet as a Heart Chocolate, next second she'll start acting like the meanest yag you ever saw. And for no reason. (I think Lin considers herself lucky she never ran into that greyfur...)

She really didn't like it when Mom took Shadowneko in. Ever since I can remember, that greyfurred hag would come over every once in a while and yell at Mom and chase Bro under the bed with tears in his eyes. I took to doing odd jobs around the community just to get a bit of gil to get him some sweets for those times to help comfort him *hurrr*. He always appreacated it, as well as any comfort any of his friends could give him after a Grandmary attack. However..and this has got Grandmary Devva shunned by the rest of my relatives, and me as day after he turned 18, she called him a pretty rotten name...if I remember right, it was "Stinky smelly (BLEEP!) of a hume! You are not related to anyone in this clan!" That did it. He chewed her out(I think some of the sailors in Selebina would of blushed if they heard what kind of language he used! He does not cuss often unless he's provoked way beyond the max, btw. And he had good reason that time!) and ran out of Windy like his tail was on fire. He wrote me a letter later and told me he'd changed citizenship to Bastok and was because he didn't want to mess with "That hag" again and wanted to be as far away from her as possible. He'd had it!

Well, after that the rest of my clan shunned Grandmary Devva. No one will visit her, no one will talk to her. It is like if she doesn't exist. And so it remains to this day; no one will morn her if she dies either because of her actions. A year after he left, I decided to go adventuring myself..but that's another tale.

Don't tell anyone, ok? I don't wanna get in trouble...*mew!*
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