Looking Back..

By Elizara AKA. Mary Alice Davies

It stunk in the orc hole.

Elizara prowled around the tunnel in Ghelsba Outpost, hunting for the weak fungar that lived here.

Man, she thought. This brings back memories,..

She'd not been as strong then, and pretty hungry..Those that had been giving her cooking lessons had told her that sleepshrooms could be used to make roast mushrooms, which were very tasty. Someone had told her about this hole where fungar spawned; they often had the shrooms growing on their caps. It smelled but better to deal with the smell than going hungry...

She smiled, thinking of who she was doing this for.That Karlinn, I still remember when he got his can in trouble a lot...Had to raise him so many times...he's like a brother... She sighed and smashed another fungar's head in. The fact she knew no higher level red mages she really wanted to introduce to her friend...that was actually around that was.. bugged her.(she knew some good ones, but there was one..that really wasn't that nice, the other had her issues) She'd done what she could, but there were some things she just could not answer. The day before, she'd finally bit the bullet and went to one of her teachers...Sensei Kistrena..(a old, pretty much retired white mage) from when she was little to ask some questions. She frowned at the memory.. Kistrena had gladly answered her questions on red mage, but then she asked, “Why are you asking about that? I did not think you would try the way of the red mage, ta-taru....”

Elizara had bowed her head and told her old teacher what had been going on. About the dragon, and how she'd ended up getting much stronger than her friend...and now he was the one that might need advice..

Kistrena then said, “Ta-taruwaru, this is a hard time for you, oh my yes, ta-taru. But even tho you shot ahead..don't forget, let him fly. You know what you can't do, or shouldn't do. Be there for him, but make sure you give him room to stretch his wings...And be ready to let go. You will have to..eventually, ta-taru.”

Hard words, Sensei. Hard words..I hope when the time comes, I will be able to but it still hurts..

She took out her frustration on yet another fungar, but then thinking of Nimbex, who had answered her questions when she was young in her power and scared....Yes, Sensei's right. I hope I haven't been scaring him...He'll catch me eventually; he's getting stronger all the time. I'll just have to take it as it comes I guess. She checked; she had enough of the sleepshrooms for now. It was time to get out of this smelly hole. On the way out of Ghelsba, she passed a young warrior who was Treasa's friend, she waved. I try not to forget when I was like that, just learning.. she thought. Hopefully when Karlinn gets his pimp hat, we can all be proud of him. I hope so.

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