Was I Really Dreaming??

By Mary Alice AKA. Elizara

Shadowneko came into his mog house, tired. It'd been a long day, training as summoner. He quietly smiled at his moogle and went to bed. That night he had a odd dream...

Klaital fought in Cape Teriggan, killing cockatrices with her Elvaan friend, Gauldeval. It was a spot that 'Neko had never seen before. The weather turned to having gale type winds for a while; suddenly, a big roc type enemy appeared and mowed Klai and her friend over; someone else had it. The roc was Kreutzet... Klaital stayed down and watched the bird die..

'Neko woke up in a sweat, yelling Klaital's name. His moogle fluttered over.

"Kupo! Kupo! Are you alright?"

"Yeah." Shadowneko rubbed his head. "Bad dream I guess."

“It'll be alright, kupo. Dreams can't hurt you.”

Shadowneko nodded. "You're right moogle. It's only a dream..."

'Neko went about his business for the day. Today he was low on gil, so he went to go farm tigers for their teeth all day. He was lately low on gil a lot, times were tough. He wished he knew a better way to make gil.

That night, after he came back to his mog house and went to sleep, he dreamed again...

Shadowneko ran up to Klaital, who was just standing there at the spot where she had been yesterday. They were joined by Markuma and Shinmarkuma, who later had to leave, and Torideal and Cealia, as well as Demandred who was moving like he was sleepwalking. Windy weather happened twice, for a while, it was thought a rdm would get the roc, but when it appeared for real second time windy weather happened, Klaital managed to cast Flash on it (she was on paladin) They killed it, but it only gave up feathers...Somehow in the dream, 'neko knew the bird could have a very nice dagger...

...Neko woke up with a start. His moogle turned to him and said,

"Dreaming again?"

Shadowneko nodded, then went to pick up his boots.. He took a good look at them and let out a yell.

"Um..there's sand on my boots. Where did that come from? I haven't been near a desert!"

“That's odd.” The moogle went over and checked. “Sand, yes. Something very odd going on around here...”

"No kidding moogle. Why? I dreamed of being in Cape Teriggan, and now I got sand on my boots. It just doesn't make sense. I didn't leave my bed, did I?"

"No, you were here the whole time. At least I think so, I drowsed off myself for a while."The moogle shook his head. "It's a mystery, that's for sure."

That day, 'Neko went to go train as a summoner again, and came back tired. He ate his dinner then fell into bed again...

Klaital was standing there quietly, in the same spot as last time. This time she didn't get mowed over; the roc just appeared, then disappeared..

Shadowneko awoke that morning and stretched. His moogle turned its head toward him.

"Dreaming again?"

"Yeah. But a boring one this time." He got dressed and went out to train as summoner again. Once again, after supper, he fell into bed tired....

Once again, Shadowneko found himself at that spot, with a galka summoner, Draconian, and Shinmarkuma and Markuma. It took a while this time for the roc to appear, but when it did, there was a minor mishap after 'neko managed to shoot it with a arrow to claim; a cockatrice decided to join the fun. Markuma, who was on bard, managed to keep things mostly under control, but Shinmarkuma, who was on whm, got the worst of it and ended up eating cave floor. 'Neko got hurt a bit but thanks to the summoner and the ninja spell Utsusemi, he didn't fall as well. The bird died, but this time it only had a couple wind crystals. Neko leaned against the wall a while, after a bit his adopted sister, Elizara ran up and raised Shin...

'Neko moaned and woke up. His moogle fluttered over to him.

"You ok? Dreaming again?"

"Yeah. That time, the hunt didn't go so well.." He went to gear up but he noticed something really odd..

"Eeek! There's not only sand on my boots now, but blood on my pants and on my dragon harness!!! And it wasn't there last night, I know you would of cleaned it! Where did it come from?!"

The moogle did a funny panic dance, then checked the clothes. "Yuck! I'll go clean that. I don't know where that came from either. You ok?"

"I'm feeling a little sore. I'll take a hot bath while ya clean that." And that's exactly what 'Neko did. After the clothes were clean and dry, Neko went hunting tigers once again. Once he was done, he came home exhausted and went to bed...

Klaital was at the spot once again, watching. A silly thief tried to solo Kreutzet this time, but only succeeded in killing not only himself but Klaital as well. Klaital was half asleep so never knew until she was forced to go back to the crystal in Whitegate...The bird just disappeared since the thief didn't kill it...

...'Neko woke up screaming Klaital's name again. The moogle fluttered over, concerned.

"You ok?"

"Yeah. Klaital died in that dream again. What a horrible nightmare.."

The moogle comforted 'neko. He sighed, got geared up and went after tigers yet again. That night, once again he had a dream..

It was the same spot yet again. Drexel, Zaalus and Elizara were there; 'Neko was sleepily leaning against a wall. Klaital ran up..JUST as Kreutzet appeared. They killed it, then Elizara elbowed Neko, then raised a wing. There was the dagger, finally. Neko grabbed it. It was his and only his...

'Neko woke up with a start. His moogle turned to him. "Dreamed again?"

'Neko nodded and started picking up his gear. He suddenly started when he checked his daggers..

"A....Sirocco Kukri??? Was I really dreaming? I got this in my dream.."

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