About my family...

I hope we always have love at home!! Even though none of us are perfect..

As I said, I have a very large family--both parents home, and two sisters and three brothers. However, we all seem to be as different as pickles and jelly.

Dad was a former jeweler turned lab tech. Unfortunately, he died very suddenly not too long ago from a horrendous accident that should not of happened.

Mom--She worked really hard to keep the family going. Sadly she died of chemo complications not too long ago....

Jonny-- he's the one right after me. He wants to get a better job in computers(he hates his job) We share an interest in Star Wars, Star Trek, RPG's, and computers (and web pages). He really knows how to make me start rolling on the floor laughing when I'm feeling really blue. :-) You'll probably see him in chatrooms as either jmdavies,Shadowcat, or Locke. He's a ton of fun in any chatroom :-) He can also sometimes be found on the RPGamer Message Forums--his username is Shadowcat.

Laura (I sto..ahem..borrowed some pictures of her from her webpage. Click here to see them. ) Laura (AKA. BrightFeather) likes many of the same books I do and is going to Georgia State University to be either a art teacher or a art professor. However, me and her have never gotten along very well...especially now that I have my own web page. She thinks that I bite off her writing style. Here's what I think of that: :-P--LEAVE ME ALONE!! She's accused me of biting off her site, BrightFeather's Funny Farm , even though I freely admit that page inspired me to create Elizara's Lighthouse. We like the same books, which can be a real problem when I want to read hers 'cause she won't lend them to me!! She also hates it when I start singing in church (she says I sing major off-key and out of tune). But, she can be very sweet and is always willing to work hard and help one of us..or one of her friends..out of a jam.

Geoffrey--Well, he came back. He's still a sports nut (watch golf?? Euu, boring!) and he still plays video games(PS2, anyone?) especially sports games, any chance he gets. He's gotten to be quite a pain in the rear, though. (Don't ask.) However, he's with Jared in his dislike of anime (pain in the rear, I say!)

Sarah--In her own words, (quoted from what she quoted for Jon's homepage when he had one) "People say that she's not normal. But what's normal, anyway?" That's Sarah for you. She plays a violin(Her high school had no orchestra, tho. That was wierd). She graduated from Georgia Tech. I hope she doesn't change... We get along OK..though she can be a real grouch sometimes. When she's had a long or a bad day, look out!! She married a guy I sorta don't like, but what can you do *shrug* She the only one who can stop our Grandma Davies from yelling (watch that nuclear missile dirty look, it's a killer!). She has a wicked sense of humor and is a really nice girl.

Jared--He's pretty smart, but he has turned into quite a big pest at times. He also recently got married, but I don't mind his wife one bit. I don't see him much anymore.

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