The FF Code

v. 4.1b

About the code...

For those of you unfamiliar with how these codes work, it began with... I think the Geek code, awhile back. So that geeks could tell at a glance what variety of geek the other geeks around them were. ^_^ Soon we had the Goth Code, and the Star Trek Code...the list goes on and on.

But here's where the FF Code comes in: on a certain Final Fantasy message board that people used to post on, they noticed people were asking the same questions over and over - How old is everyone here, what was the first FF game you played, who's your favorite character... Everybody was giving the same answers over and over every couple of weeks. A few of them decided there must be a way to stop the repetition, and thus was born... The FF Code!

This is how it works: answer each of the categories below by using the choices given, each of which has a variable. These variables are strung together to form your very own, unique FF code, which you can then post in your autosig, or on your homepage, or wherever you get people asking you what you think about the FF series. (Just make sure you provide a link back to this page so they can decode it. ^_~)

Changes in this version:

Previous versions: 4.1a, 4.0, 3.0b, 2.0, 1.0

To encode or decode the hard way, just look below. Though if you want to do either the easy way:

FF Code Auto Encoder/Decoder(DOWN RIGHT NOW!)
Courtesy of: SyineProud Member of MithraPride, a FF11 linkshell on Midgardsormr!

Section 1: Game related This is the important part, which makes it the FF code, that's why it comes first. ^_^

First FF played
(B) Use the Japanese numbering system.
(Note I'm not counting the Gameboy games (other than FF Tactics Advance), as those were actually from the SaGa and Seiken Densetsu series, not actually FF games.)
1 Final Fantasy 1, rereleased in N. America (FF Origins, PSX)
2 Final Fantasy 2, finally released in English (FF Origins, PSX)
3 Final Fantasy 3 (not released in N. America)
4 Final Fantasy 4, originally released in North America as FF2 on SNES, rereleased on PSX (FF Chronicles)
5 Final Fantasy 5, finally released in (horrible) English on PSX (FF Anthology)
6 Final Fantasy 6, originally released in North America as FF3 on SNES, rereleased on PSX (FF Anthology)
7 Final Fantasy 7, where the numbers finally matched up!
8 Final Fantasy 8
9 Final Fantasy 9
10 Final Fantasy 10
10-2 Final Fantasy 10-2, the first true sequel in FF history!
11 Final Fantasy 11, can only be played on PC right now in English
C Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, was released in N. America on the GC(!)
M Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
T Final Fantasy Tactics
TA Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Released in N. America on GBA

Which FFs played
(#) Same choices as above, choose all that apply, separated by a comma, and add a "b" to each that you've beaten and a "d" to those you've only played as a demo(ie: 1b,4b,5,8db = You've played FF1, FF4, FF5, and the FF8 demo, but only beaten 1, 4, and the 8 demo). Also, FF11 ONLY: If you were one of the beta testers for FF11, add a "*" to it (ie: 11*). Since that's a MMORPG, it probably can't really be beaten, so no b on that game unless someone corrects me by contacting me and telling me there IS an ending sequence.

Favorite FF (F) Same choices as above, choose only one.

Favorite character (C) Choose up to three from the list below, separated by a comma.
FF1 characters:
Fi(Fighter/Warrior), Kc(Knight), Bb(Black Belt/Monk), Gm(Grand Master/Master), Wm(White Mage), Ww(White Wizard), Bm(Black Mage), Bc(Black Wizard), Rm(Red Mage), Rw(Red Wizard), Th(Thief), Ni(Ninja), Gn(Garland), Lf(Lich), Ka(Kary/Marlith), Kr(Kraken), Ti(Tiamat), Cs(Chaos)

FF2 characters:
Fl(Frionel/Firion), Ma(Maria), Gy(Guy/Gus), Lh(Lionheart/Leon), Mh(Minh/Mindu), Jo(Josef), Go(Gordan/Gordon), Ll(Layla/Leila), Rc(Richard/Gareth), Bg(Borgan), Dk(The Dark Knight), Ep(The Emperor)

FF3 characters:
Ps(Princess Sara), Dh(Desh), C3(Cid), Ei(Elia), Pa(Prince Alus), Un(Une), Dg(Dorga), Np(Nepto), Lt(Land Turtle), Jn(Jinn), Bh(Bahamut), Br(Big Rat), Mu(Medusa), Gz(Guzco), Sl(Salamander), On(Odin), Gd(Goldor), De(Delilah), Hy(Hyn), Gr(Garuda), Zn(Zande), K3(Kraken), Lv(Leviathan), Co(Cloud of Darkness)

FF4 characters:
Cc(Cecil), Ro(Rosa), Kn(Kain), Ry(Rydia), Tl(Tellah), Ed(Edward), Pl(Palom), Pr(Porom), Yg(Yang), C4(Cid), Eg(Edge), Fu(FuSoYa), An(Anna), Ml(Milon), Kz(Kainazzo), Vl(Valvalis), Rt(Rubicant), Gb(Golbez), Zm(Zemus), Zr(Zeromus)

FF5 characters:
Bz(Butz/Bartz), Ln(Lenna/Reina), Fr(Faris), Gl(Galuf), Cr(Cara/Krile), C5(Cid), Mi(Mid), Zz(Zeza), Dn(Drogan), Kg(Kelga), Gi(Gill), Gh(Gilgamesh), Ex(Exdeath)

FF6 characters:
Lo(Locke), Cl(Celes), Tr(Terra), Er(Edgar), Sb(Sabin), Cy(Cyan), Gu(Gau), Sz(Setzer), Sh(Shadow), Sg(Strago), Re(Relm), Mg(Mog), Gg(Gogo), Um(Umaro), Ba(Banon), Dy(Daryl), Le(General Leo), Ul(Ultros), Kf(Kefka)

FF7 characters:
Cd(Cloud), Tf(Tifa), Ae(Aeris), Bt(Barret), Rd(Red XIII), C7(Cid), Ca(Cait Sith), Yf(Yuffie), Vc(Vincent), Ts(Tseng), Rn(Reno), Ru(Rude), En(Elena), Rf(Rufus), Hj(Hojo), Jv(Jenova), So(Sephiroth), Pd(Pres. Shinra), Rv(Reeve), Pm(Palmer), Hd(Heidegger), Sc(Scarlet), Mr(Marlene), Sr(Shera), Ey(Elmyra), Lr(Lucrecia)

FF8 characters:
Sq(Squall), Ri(Rinoa), Sf(Seifer), Zl(Zell), Sp(Selphie), Ir(Irvine), Qs(Quistis), Be(Biggs and Wedge), Ea(Edea), C8(Cid), Xu(Xu), Nd(Nida), Rj(Raijin), Fj(Fuujin), Eo(Ellone), Lg(Laguna), Wd(Ward), Ki(Kiros), Ad(Adel), Uc(Ultimecia)

FF9 characters:
Zi(Zidane), Gt(Garnet), Vv(Vivi), Fy(Freya), Qn(Quina), St(Steiner), Ek(Eiko), At(Amarant), Bx(Beatrix), Li(Lani), C9(Cid), Qb(Brahne), G9(Garland), Kj(Kuja)

FF10 characters:
Td(Tidus), Yn(Yuna), Au(Auron), Lu(Lulu), Wk(Wakka), Rk(Rikku), Km(Kimahri), Sy(Seymour), Cx(Cid), Bk(Braska), Jc(Jecht), Yv(Yu Yevon), Ga(Gatta), Lz(Luzzu), Lc(Lucil), Em(Elma), Ck(Clasko), Sa(Shelinda), Do(Dona), Is(Isaaru), Sn(Sin)

FF10-2 characters:
Py(Payne), Y2(Yuna), R2(Rikku)

FF11 characters:
(String the following in this fashion: sex, race, then job. Do not add a support job.)
Sex Modifier: Pick one--Either Male (m) or Female (f).
Race: Ev(Elvaan), He(Hume), Tu(Tarutaru), Ma (Mithra (can only be female, don't use sex modifier)), Gk(Galka (Can only be male, don't use sex modifier))

Job: Wr(Warrior), Mk(Monk), Bm(Black Mage),Rm(Red Mage), Wm(White Mage), Tf(Thief), Rr(Ranger), Bd(Bard), Br(Beast Master), Dt(Dark Knight), Pn(Paladin), Na(Ninja), Dn(Dragoon), Si(Samurai), Sr(Summoner)

FF Crystal Chronicles characters: (String the following this way: sex, then race.)
Sex Modifier: Pick one--Either Male (m) or Female (f).
Race: Ct(Clavat), Se(Selphie), Yk(Yuke), Ly(Lilty)

FFMQ characters: (Heh... right.)
Bn(Benjamin), Kl(Kaeli), Tm(Tristam), Rb(Reuben), Ph(Phoebe), Dr(Dark King)

FFT characters:
RzT(Ramza), Ms(Mustadio), Or(Orlandu), Md(Melidoul), Dl(Delita), Bw(Beowulf), Ag(Agrias), Ra(Rafa), Mk(Malak), W8(Worker 8), Rs(Reis), Dv(Professor Daravon), Ol(Olan), Tt(Teta), Iz(Izlude), Rl(Rofel), Bl(Balk), Kt(Kletian), Vr(Vormav), We(Weigraf), El(Elmdor), Gf(Gafgarion), Al(Algus), Am(Altima)

FFTA characters:
Me(Marshe), Mt(Mewt), Rz(Ritz), Mb(Montblanc))

Favorite villain
(V) Choose one of the villains from the lists above.

How obsessed?
(O) -- I hate the whole FF series! (Then why are you using this code, DUH!)
- Liked one or two of the games, but the rest sucked.
= For the most part, a really good series.
+ Love every one of the games, and will continue to play them.
++ Love them all, anxiously awaited the latest game, and probably have a web site/fanstuff/some merchandise about FF.
+++ I'll buy anything with an FF logo on it! I never leave my house, because I'd have to turn off the SNES/Playstation/GC/GBA!

Section 2: Common debates
The stuff people argue about constantly.

Amano or Nomura?
A Amano. (duh.)
N Nomura. (double duh.)
? Who?
= They both have their merits, I like both.

Aeris rumor?
-- Never believed a word of it.
- Thought it highly unlikely.
= Thought about it for awhile before deciding it was a hoax.
+ Tried it out before realizing it didn't work.
++ Told my friends about it, and later felt very stupid.
? Never heard this Aeris rumor...
! It's a hoax??

(Q/S) -- Aaaaaaargh!
- It could be possible if done right, I guess.
= (...whatever.)
+ It's cute sometimes.
++ My favorite!
? What the heck?

(A/R) -- Make it stop!
- Ridiculous, but what can you do?
= Couldn't care less.
+ Ignoring the multiple disturbing factors involved, I kinda like it.
++ They're SO CUTE! ^___^
? Is that some kind of Japanese side dish?

(Y) -- Raaaaah! Stupid fandoms!
- Write/draw what you want, but I'm not going to look at it.
= I don't mind it, but don't seek it out either.
+ Very nice when it's done well.
++ Mmmm... yummy. :>
? ...Gesundheit?

Al Bhed proficiency?
(A) -- I haven't even played FFX yet.
- I got the primers in the game, never bothered actually learning it myself - how often would I use it?
= I picked up a few useful words here and there.
+ I've memorized enough letters that I can read or write most anything, given enough time.
++ Al Bhed ec dra luumacd vyga myhkiyka ajan! Gituc du Alexander Smith vun cilr yh yfacusa lnaydeuh!
? What the heck was that "++" response? Random gibberish?
X I'll kill the next person who writes a message in that accursed excuse for a language in my presence.

Section 3: Personal Info
Completely optional. Fill out only what you choose to, or none at all.

(A) Your age, or if you don't want to be specific...
-- Palom/Porom (little kid)
- Gau (preteen)
= Yuffie, Squall (teenager)
+ Celes, Cloud... most characters actually (young adult)
++ Barret, Auron (adult, broad category)
+++ Strago, Tellah (..advanced in years)

(H) Your height, or again, if you don't want to be specific...
-- Midget
- Short
= Average
+ Sorta tall
++ Gigantic!

(W) No one really wants to get specific here, do they? ^_^;; So...
-- Skin and bones
- Supermodel material (which is unhealthy, by the way. Stupid magazines!)
= Average
+ Chubby
++ Tub'o'lard

(G) Choose the one (hopefully just one!) and the modifiers that apply.
M Guess.
F Two guesses, first one doesn't count.
H ...Hermaphrodite?!

a Androgynous looking
g Gay/lesbian
t Transvestite!

Eye color
(E) Choose the one that best describes your eyes...
Bk(black), Br(brown), Bl(blue), Gr(green), Gy(grey), Hz(hazel), Vi(violet), Al(albino) Rd(red)

g Glasses

Hair color
(T) Choose up to 2 that best describe your hair color...
Bk(black), Br(brown), Bd(blonde), Rd(red), Au(auburn), Wh(white), Gy(grey), Gr(green), Bl(blue), Vi(violet), Pk(pink)

d Dark
l Light
f Fake/dyed

Hair length
(L) Choose the one that best applies.
-- Bald (Yang)
- Buzzcut (Barret, Raijin)
= Average (Cid Highwind, Locke)
+ Shoulder length (Cecil, Selphie)
++ Long (Vincent, Garnet)
+++ *really* long! (Sephiroth)

(P) Abbreviate your state/province or country, and if you like, add directional modifiers (ie: swMI = southwest Michigan, or nAB = northern Alberta)

Character you're most like, personality-wise
(R) Choose just one from the characters list above.

Character you most look like
(C) As above, choose one from the list of characters. Hopefully with the new characters in recent versions, this section will be more useful to more people. ;)

And now you're done! Your code should look something like this example (which is my own code):

Bound to confuse and amaze your friends... unless you provide a link back to this page so that they can decode it. ^_^

The FF code was created by Andrea Hartmann. Thank you! Also a big THANK YOU to Syine for that great Perl/CGI encoder/decoder! And THANK YOU much Kopopo for hosting it for me for a while! Thank you muchly to a taru called Niyopiyo for helping me find a new place to put it! Thanks to Malango from the RPGamer boards for the logos! (You are a WIZARD of Photoshop, mate!) Maintained and updated by Mary-Alice Davies.

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